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Ronaldo - Baylor BU Flippable Designer Jewelry

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All products are shipped from our warehouse in Round Top, Texas!

Wire-crafted and wire-sculpted jewelry, directly from Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Inc. 

- Baylor University 

Your merchandise has been created by skilled artists and jewelers located entirely within the continental USA, using only the finest 14K gold, platinum, Argentium silver and/or 14K gold artist wire and all incorporate our stylish copyrighted designs. Many of our products are complemented with high quality gemstones, semi-precious beads and stones, cameos and pearls. No two pieces of our merchandise will ever look exactly the same - that is the nature of hand-made jewelry. We confidently stand behind all of our wire work. Your merchandise is automatically covered by our 90-day limited manufacturer's war-ranty. We hereby warrant to you that your merchandise will be free from any manufacturing wire defects at the time of delivery and that you will not have any problems during your first 90 days of your ownership assuming you have taken reasonable steps to protect and care for it. If you discover that your merchandise was manufactured with a structural wire 

defect, or if your merchandise becomes damaged due to normal wear and tear, or if your merchandise just needs cleaning or polishing, we agree to repair, replace, clean and/or polish it for you at our cost - you would simply return it pre-paid back to us along with your payment of $15 to cover our costs of shipping, handling and insurance and we will handle the rest. Along with normal cleaning and pol-ishing, this warranty includes the following normal wire work repairs: worn or broken prongs, broken earring posts, clasp replacement, bent or broken wire, stone tightening and stone resetting. Ring resizing is never covered under this warranty given the specific nature and design of our ring creations. Excluded in this warranty are repairs needed because you allowed someone else to attempt repair to the merchandise before you returned it to us, or where (in our professional judgment) you intentionally or accidentally abused it. [Please see Ronaldo’s website for suggestions and risks about cleaning your jewelry using ultrasonic machines or harsh chemicals.] Also excluded from our limited warranty would be damage or loss to or the theft of your cameos, diamonds or gemstones - we will, however, give a price quote for replacement of any cameos, diamonds or gemstones damaged or lost. If you call us, we can quote standard repair costs to you for non-warranty claims.

We are not responsible for loss of your use of the merchandise as a result of any claimed damage or defect or from our delays in effecting repairs. Note that our limited warranty excludes a complete loss of your merchandise. We disclaim responsibility for any incidental or consequential damages associated with your merchandise; notwithstanding our intentions to disclaim all such damages, some states do not permit exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so this specific disclaimer may not apply to you.

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