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Bubble Glass Minnow Trap with Mesh over Top

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A French bubble glass minnow trap is a type of glass vessel used for catching small fish and other aquatic creatures such as minnows, tadpoles, or shrimp. It is also sometimes referred to as a French bubble glass aquarium or terrarium.

The minnow trap is made of glass and has a spherical or cylindrical shape with a narrow neck and a wider base. The glass is typically clear or translucent, allowing for easy viewing of the aquatic creatures inside. The trap is also designed with small air holes or bubbles in the glass to allow for oxygen exchange and to prevent the trapped creatures from suffocating.

To use the minnow trap, it is submerged in water and baited with small bits of food or algae to attract the desired creatures. Once caught, the trap can be lifted out of the water and the creatures can be safely transferred to a larger aquarium or released back into the wild.

French bubble glass minnow traps are prized by collectors and enthusiasts for their delicate beauty and historical significance. They were originally used by fishermen and naturalists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to study and observe small aquatic creatures, and they have since become popular decorative items and conversation pieces in homes and offices.

12.5H x 5W

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