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Antique Green NCR 717 Cash Register circa 1900

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The NCR 717 is a vintage mechanical adding machine produced by the National Cash Register Company (NCR) in the mid-20th century. The machine is notable for its striking green color and sleek design, which made it a popular choice in offices and businesses during its time.

Today, the NCR 717 is considered a collectible item due to its historical significance and its place in the development of modern computing technology. The machine was one of the first of its kind, with advanced features such as automatic division and multiplication. It was also widely used by businesses and government agencies for accounting and record-keeping, making it an important part of economic and administrative history.

The NCR 717's green color is also a factor in its collectibility. The machine's color was distinctive and eye-catching, and it has since become a hallmark of mid-century design. As a result, collectors of vintage office equipment and mid-century modern enthusiasts often seek out the NCR 717 as a prized addition to their collections.

In summary, the NCR 717 is a collectible item because of its historical significance, advanced features, and distinctive design. Its striking green color has also made it a sought-after item for collectors of mid-century modern objects. Approximately 14" w x 17" h x 16" deep

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